Maggie's rules for watercolor painting #2:

If you have already changed the name of your painting and you are still not satisfied ... put the painting in a drawer for 6 days. Then look at it. You won't remember what you were trying to do when you painted it and you may discover a very good painting.

maggie nevens


​​Maggie Nevens

"I want to share the fun, excitement, and joy that I have found in watercolor painting." says award winning Sarasota, Florida, artist and teacher, Maggie Nevens.

Maggie Nevens lived in the Chicago area until 1990 where she studied art through the graduate level at Northern Illinois University. Maggie taught art in Illinois and Florida public schools before moving to Sarasota. 

Nevens developed and implemented a series of watercolor classes for adult beginners. These popular classes have led many of her students to continue their own pursuit of art and art education.  As Maggie’s generous workshop and classroom teachers have guided her to develop her own style, she helps each of her students to find themselves in painting.

Currently, Maggie Nevens’ lively classes and workshops are popular on land and at sea. Maggie teaches aboard Azamara, Cunard and Celebrity Cruise Lines.

"I love to work with people who have never picked up a brush and show them how to make a painting of which they can be proud. We experiment with technique and sometimes literally play with the paint."

Maggie’s paintings are shown regularly in group and solo art exhibitions. She illustrated a workbook for teachers and a children’s book awaiting publication. 

Maggie Nevens’ paintings are represented in public and private collections throughout the United States and England.